[special concern] the first effect of the two new electricity pricing policies

China's reform newspaper and reform network recently learned from the national development and reform commission that the "two new policies for electricity pricing" have been effective for more than two months.

In August, users will spend more than 1 billion yuan on electricity bills, which is expected to reduce the cost of the company's electricity bills by 15 billion yuan each year.

June 30, to support enterprise transformation, reduce production, BanTingChan enterprise electricity expenses, reduce the real economy running cost, the national development and reform commission issued the execution mode reform measures, improve the basic electricity price on electricity enterprises apply for adjust the billing mode, volume reduction, suspension of policy conditions, according to the basic electricity pricing will change cycle by adjusting to the quarterly changes, power users to choose according to the maximum demand way of collecting basic electricity, from the current verification value maximum demand change cycle according to half an year adjust to changes by the month, the electricity user can choose according to the enterprise actual needs in the best interest of the billing.

Policy, the local price departments formulate specific implementation combined with local actual requirements, the supervision power grid enterprises by the power supply business hall and so on a variety of channels to promote and implement new two-part electricity price policy, simplify the two-part electricity price pause, reduction process, upgrade the metering and billing system, improve the power supply service quality and efficiency.

According to statistics, in August the national total capacity reduction, suspension and adjustment of basic electricity pricing standard business number increased by about 5.7%, compared to the same basic electricity pricing capacity reduction, suspension rose about 46 million kva capacity, can reduce the user electricity expenses during the month more than 1 billion yuan.

With the implementation of the policy in place, the operation volume of electricity users to adjust the implementation mode of the two systems will be further increased.

We will improve the operation mode of the two systems of electricity prices, reduce the production cost of the production and production of enterprises, and the effect will be more obvious, and the annual calculation is expected to reach 15 billion yuan.

Two-part electricity price is composed of basic electricity and the electricity price, basic price is the cost of power supply of the fixed cost, with the user whether some time how much electricity utilization, there is no direct relationship, but with the user's electricity capacity and maximum demand related;

The electricity price is the variable charge of the power supply cost, which is related to the user's electricity consumption, and how much electricity is paid.

, according to the national development and reform commission, head of the department of electricity in power at the speed of light in the grid, not mass storage, power production must always keep balance with electricity consumption, the electric power goods on "consumption" to order "production".

Power user electric energy consumption, the first is to take up the power capacity, such as air conditioning requires 2 kw electricity capacity, followed by using the electric energy, such as air conditioning electricity 4 hours continuously, electricity use 8 degrees.

Therefore, the power system should not only provide the power supply, but also need to have sufficient power generation and transmission and distribution capacity to ensure the power demand of all users.

"If the user's capacity exceeds the capacity of the power generation or the transmission and distribution capacity, it will affect the normal operation of the power system and even lead to power failure."

, said the head of the electric power consumption are very volatile, for example, the peak time of winter and summer season, often to the spring and autumn season, off-peak electricity demand twice or more, and the power system must, in accordance with the largest electricity demand to construction, otherwise there will be power brownouts in peak season, so the user electricity characteristic has a significant influence on power system economy.

Generally speaking, the less power the user takes in the consumption of the same amount of electricity, the higher the efficiency of the whole power system and the lower the average price of electricity.

According to introducing, the design of two-part electricity price is from the electric power law of production, consumption, incentive under the same power demand, as far as possible to reduce the power, the power system, hair, transport, distribution and use efficiency of all parties have the incentive to promote role, therefore has been widely used throughout the world.

The United States, Canada, Britain, Japan, the European Union and other major developed countries, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, have two electricity prices.

According to the data, two systems of electricity price in our country are mainly applicable to large industrial users with transformer capacity greater than 315 kva, and the basic electricity bills account for about 15% of the total electricity bills for industrial users.

The price range and proportion of the two foreign electricity prices are higher than that of China, and the basic electricity bills account for 30%~40% of the total electricity bills of industrial users.

It is reported, the next step, with the advancement of electric power system reform, the two-part electricity price policy will also constantly improve and refine, better play to the role of the fair burden and promote the reasonable utilization, decrease the cost of the real economy, power supply side structural reforms.