Xinjiang: a joint-stock power trading center will be established

On September 7, the national development and reform commission website news, the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration official approval for the xinjiang uygur autonomous region comprehensive power system reform pilot program "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), agree to carry out comprehensive power system reform pilot in xinjiang.

The reporter understands from the autonomous region development and reform commission and its electric power company in xinjiang, xinjiang will be in accordance with the requirements of the scheme on the basis of market allocation, government regulation, safe and reliable, improve efficiency, market competition, safeguard the people's livelihood, the principle of save energy and reduce emissions, to conduct comprehensive power system reform pilot.

According to the plan, the main contents of xinjiang power system reform include: completing the design of power market framework;

To complete the approval of the transmission and distribution price, the electricity price for the sale of electricity from outside the public welfare will be formed by the market to form a market-based pricing mechanism for electric power.

To complete the construction and operation of relatively independent trading institutions and to clear market access standards and trading rules;

We will improve the mechanism for direct trading of electricity, and the direct trading of electric power in the industrial and commercial sectors will be fully relaxed.

We will open up the pilot of the sale of electric power, and form a market structure with multiple, full competition on the side of power generation and the sale of electric side.

The direct trading share of cross-province cross-district market power has been further expanded to form a modern electric power market with efficient operation and national competitiveness.

In the batch letter, we should insist on three principles: one is to adhere to the principle of market pricing, and not to take administrative orders and other measures against the direction of reform, so as to reduce the price of electricity.

The second is to adhere to the principle of equal competition, to open and sell electricity business and incremental power distribution business to eligible market entities, and not to determine the subject of sale and investment by administrative appointment;

The third is to adhere to the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction. Enterprises that should adopt different electricity prices and punitive electricity prices in accordance with the regulations shall not provide preferential electricity prices and electricity subsidies to them.

The reform of electric power system is a systematic project, which is the reconfiguration of interest structure.

The plan calls for an orderly, effective and steady progress on the basis of consensus.

Gradually expand the distribution electricity price reform pilot area, reform of electricity sales, forming a relatively independent operation of matters to advance the reform of electric power and other major trading institutions pilot, on the basis of summarizing the experience and fully implemented.

It is understood that the xinjiang electric power industry has achieved rapid development since the 12th five-year plan.

In 2015, a total of 6608 mw of power generation was installed in xinjiang, including a rapid increase in renewable energy generation, accounting for 42.3 percent of the total installed capacity.

The construction of the power grid has been accelerated, resulting in the structure of 750 kv main frames from east to hami, west to ili, south to kashgar, and two 750 kv channels in the northwest.

Construction of hami south - zhengzhou ±

Construction of the 800-kv HVDC transmission project is under construction of the eastern and eastern China (wannan) & plusmn.

1100 kv HVDC transmission project.

The personage inside course of study says, diversification in xinjiang electric power market system has been formed, gradually improve electricity price formation mechanism, electricity market trading and regulation to push, but lack of electric power industry development also faces trading mechanism, the resources use efficiency is low;

The price relationship has not been adjusted and the market pricing mechanism has not been fully formed.

Insufficient capacity of the self-prepared power plant system;

Renewable energy is faced with problems such as the difficulty of taking over.

Xinjiang electricity reform programme four bright spots

Low to form a joint-stock power trading center "the plan" explicitly will form joint-stock power trading center in xinjiang, to shareholding system reform of the existing trading center, the reason of power grid enterprises to undertake trading business is separated from other business, clear interface and work flow, set up a transparent, fully functional electric power trading platform.

Low set up and improve the mechanism of the electric power market transaction improve electricity direct trading rules, the electricity power alternative trading rules, power grid operation management rules and grid power plant auxiliary service management implementation details, self-provided power plant in power grid peak shaving detailed rules for the implementation, etc., to establish unified xinjiang area, the market main body (including sell electricity company) to participate in the power trading mechanism;

To explore the establishment and carry out inter-district power direct trading pilot provinces, the inter-district trans-provincial power generation power alternative trading pilot mechanism of market economy, the peak shaving auxiliary services such as compensation, renewable energy to participate in market competition mechanism, etc.

At the same time, the electric power market construction plan, the market transaction supervision method.

Low sell electricity business open to the social capital to develop xinjiang electricity sales reform pilot program, cultivate a diversified market competition main body, to let go of the social capital to sell the business, promote sell electricity service quality and the user can use level, form the effective competition in the market structure and market system.

Low increase new energy given clean energy utilization in the protection of power grid security and stability and people's livelihood under the premise of full arrangement of renewable energy power generation, priority reserved renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic power generation units and cogeneration, by-product heat residual air pressure power, gas and coalbed methane (gas) power generating units on resources comprehensive utilization of space, to encourage renewable energy and resources comprehensive utilization of power generation project priority to deal directly with the user.

Background link

Reform of the power system

In March 2015, the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC central committee) issued a new round of electricity system reform.

This round of reform involves electricity price reform, power grid independence, open market and so on.

Low in March 2015 with crew members aboard 9 when landing the first file "on how to improve electric power operation, adjustment to promote clean energy multiple ManFa guidance" issued, will form a complete set of reforms of the first child fall in the clean energy.

In April 2015, the second supporting document, "notification of the comprehensive pilot work on the power demand side management of the electric power emergency mechanism," was released.

Low on April 13, 2015, the third supporting file "about carrying out found [2015] 9 file spirit, accelerate reform of the distribution of electricity in the notice, open distribution electricity price reform is put forward in its jurisdictions.

On May 5, 2015, the fourth supporting document, "the notice concerning the improvement of the pricing mechanism of power exchange in cross-province cross-province cross-district electricity pricing", proposed local government ownership ≤

The total control power of 220kv transmission and distribution price is controlled by the central government.

In March 2016, the power trading center of the province was listed, and China's power to liberalize the competitive link and realize the market transaction entered the full implementation stage.

On September 6, 2016, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) and the national energy administration approved the announcement of a pilot scheme for the reform and sale of electricity in 13 provinces and cities.

The original title: xinjiang will form a joint-stock power trading center